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Status of the Crab Clan:


The Crab have suffered more than any other clan in the past half century. Between the Fourth Yasuki War, the treachery of Yasuki Kozin, and the Shadowlands assault, the Crab have lost more than a quarter of their samurai in a relatively short period of time. The Crab take their losses in stride, however, and don’t even consider the idea of asking for help. This is their duty, and who else is better to do it than them?

The Crab’s views on the other clans:

  • Crane: If not for the Crane, we may not have needed the help of the Legions, and the Emperor may not have died. Still, they have ignored us since, and if they want to leave us alone, so much the better.
  • Dragon: Who?
  • Lion: They are strong, stronger perhaps than anyone else, but that strength is tempered by their foolish notions of honor. Respect their strength, but do not trust them to do the right thing when it matters most.
  • Mantis: Our little cousins are always eager to prove themselves. If they ask for an opportunity, don't hesitate to find a task for them to accomplish.
  • Owl: They were formed by a treacherous man, who bound the Heichi as part of his treachery. Never let the Empire forget this fact, and do not trust them.
  • Phoenix: Pacifism has no place in Rokugan. The sooner the Phoenix realize this, the better off the Empire will be.
  • Scorpion: Treachery is in their blood, and it is all they know. Do not forget what their masks mean.
  • Unicorn: Traditionally our closest friends. They understand what it means to be ostracized, and we will always respect them for it.
  • Minor Clans: They have things we need, but ultimately they are irrelevant to us. Take what you need and pay them no more mind.
  • Ronin: Let them take the 20 Goblin winter, or hire them if they are worth it. Never let them close.


Crab province map.png
Province Location
Garanto Province Hi1
Juuin Province Hi2
Kyoukan Province Hi3
Ishibei Province Hi4
Ishigaki Province Hi5
Hissori Province Hr1
Ienikaeru Province Hr2
Kinbou Province Hr3
Hokufuu Province Ka1
Yoake Province Ka2
Kuda Province Ka3
Midakai Province K1
Adauchi Province K2
Tani Hitokage Tor1
Sunda Mizu Province Y1
Junkin Province Y2

Crab Players