Crane Clan

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Status of the Crane Clan:


The Crane were hurt by the Fourth Yasuki War, but they were able to recover quickly thanks to the timely intervention of the Miya’s Blessing. The clan has opted to move on from the Yasuki War by largely ignoring the Crab Clan. Ultimately, this means that the status quo has been reestablished, and the Crane prefer to keep it that way.

The Crane’s views on the other clans:

  • Crab: Big, brutish oafs… but with an important duty. Leave them alone for now, we do not need old wounds to be brought back up.
  • Dragon: Their insistence on staying in their mountains will ultimately harm their ability to be relevant. Concern yourself with them only if they give you cause to.
  • Lion: We have traditionally been enemies, because of an event the Lion choose never to forget. It is never bad to have an opportunity to show our superiority over them, but do not draw their ire so much that they feel the need to show their ability to make war.
  • Mantis: Their love of koku makes them easily manipulated. They are little more than tools, when push comes to shove.
  • Owl: The children of Hantei Okucheo are amusing and useful. Their courtiers are rather effective, to be sure. But their insistence in remaining neutral at all costs makes them unreliable allies. Perhaps one day we can make them change.
  • Phoenix: We have long been friends with the Phoenix, and there is no reason to change this consideration.
  • Scorpion: Our dark mirror. Close when it’s convenient for them to be, but never to be trusted. Never forget that a Scorpion only seeks to sting.
  • Unicorn: We have been friends with them essentially since their return. They are odd, but forthcoming allies and good friends. Hopefully the return of the Shinjo to prominence will remind them of the importance of tradition.
  • Minor Clans: The Suzume were created from us, and we should watch them as such. They are a painful reminder of the past, but a necessary one.
  • Ronin: Some of them are perfectly reasonable bodyguards in a pinch. One would far prefer a Daidoji


Crane province map.png
Province Location
Anshin Province A1
Wakiaiai Province A2
Shinkyou Province A3
Kosaten Province Da1
Hayaku Province Da2
Sabishii Province Da3
Ichigun Province Da4
Kazenmuketsu Province Do1
Oyomesan Province Do2
Itoshii Province Do3
Umoeru Province Do4
Kougen Province Do5
Kintani Province Do6
Takuetsu Province K1
Nanhan Province K2
Gyousha Province K3
Kishou Province K4

Crane Players