Dragon Clan

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Status of the Dragon Clan:


Because of events in the mid 12th century, the Agasha family never became the Tamori. Instead, the Phoenix Agasha were forced to take the name of their daimyo of the time, creating the Gennai family

After events in the late 12th Century, the ravaged Dragonfly Clan was taken in by the Dragon clan, as it was the only way the small family would survive.

The Dragon’s views on the other clans

  • Crane: Their dedication to their art is unparalleled, but what is the price of friendship?
  • Crab: Rough work creates rough hands.
  • Lion: Pride is not a virtue.
  • Mantis: If the sword represents bushido, what does the kama represent?
  • Phoenix: They chase knowledge, but not wisdom.
  • Scorpion: They do what others will not, cannot, should not.
  • Unicorn: Their words say peace, but what do their actions say?
  • Minor Clans: The youngest cousin often works the hardest for the least reward.
  • Ronin: They must make their own way, as we all must.


Dragon province map.png
Province Location
Sabishii Province Ta1
Kinenkan Province Ta2
Shinpi Province Ks1
Kaiton Province Ks2
Shinjutsu Province Ks3
Gaien Province Mi1
Yakeishi Province Mi2
Toushibu Province Mi3
Kousou Province Mi4
Mucha Province Ut1

Dragon Players