Foshi Province

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Daimyo: Kitsu Mito (m)

  • Skill: Perform: Drum
  • Item: Daisho Stand OR Taiko Drum

Foshi Province is deep within the heartlands of the Lion clan. While much of this province is dedicated to agriculture, there is a large amount of smith work to be found as well. The city of Foshi stands proudly as the largest city in the Lion lands, and arguably the most important. It is here that stores of food, arms, and other goods are placed for the armies’ need. The Kitsu bless them with preservative prayers, and ask that the ancestors watch over the weapons and armor that will be wielded by the Lion. Few come here besides Lion, and outsiders are viewed with great suspicion, for the city is always on guard lest someone attempt to strike at the supplies of the Clan’s mighty armies.