Hinome Province

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  • Daimyo: Moshi Reiko (f)
  • Skill: Games: Go
  • Item: Mirror OR Fan with Golden Sunburst Design

The mountainous province of the Moshi family lies on the coastline of Rokugan, with a great protected valley as its main inhabited area. Only two entrances exist to the valley, and both are highly defensible. The great mountain known as Yama sano Amaterasu stands over the valley, with the great shrine to the Sun at its base and the golden shrine at its peak shedding light. The fief still feels much like that of a Minor Clan, with the samurai working alongside the peasants in times of need. The female shugenja of the Moshi alone do not traditionally do manual labor; instead, they pray. The few male Moshi shugenja enjoy no such respite, however.