Kinbou Province (Scorpion)

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  • Daimyo: Soshi Josuke (m)
  • Skill: Lore: Unicorn
  • Item: Mortar and Pestle OR Drum

As the northwestern province of the Scorpion lands, Kinbou Province has a great deal of traffic with the Unicorn clan. The city of Pokau especially has been the focus for travel and trade between the two clans since the return of the Unicorn ages ago. There are currently mixed feelings about the Unicorn in the province, due to their recent occupations of Scorpion lands and continued garrison presence in Ryoko Owari Toshi to the south. First Breath Dojo is also here, a place where the non-shugenja of the family find a variety of training designed to give them a breadth of skills to serve the family.