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Status of the Lion Clan:


The Lion Clan are the Clan of War, but have no conflicts to claim for themselves. While the Crab and Crane have warred in recent memory, as well the Phoenix, the Scorpion and even the Owl, the Lion sit idle. The new Emperor brings an unprecedented opportunity to find new conflicts, and Akodo Shakato is eager.

The Lion’s views on the other clans

  • Crab: They are warriors at heart, like us, but unlike us they lack the temperance of bushido. Support them when it is necessary, but keep them at arm’s length. We do not wish for their dishonor to rub off on our youth.
  • Crane: Insipid politicians who would talk their way through conflict instead of raise their swords. They cannot hide behind their fans forever.
  • Dragon: They sit on their mountains and hide from the Empire at large. That they took in the Tonbo is an insult we shall not soon forget. .
  • Mantis: Love of money is the path to dishonor.
  • Owl They offer as much as they can to the Legions, and that, in and of itself, is an honor. Still, you cannot trust someone who will not take a side.
  • Phoenix: Scholars whose love of peace blinds them to the needs of the Empire. You cannot serve the Empire if you do not know its needs.
  • Scorpion: We would destroy them if we could. Their treachery has slain an emperor and ended a dynasty. But they are protected, and so we will wait until they slip up again.
  • Unicorn: They are… unique, but they are beginning to show their understanding of honor. Be wary, for they may return to their ways, but they are worthy of respect at least.
  • Minor Clans: Irrelevance is not worth our time.
  • Ronin: Bandits, all of them.


Lion province map.png
Province Location
Oiku Province Ak1
Kokoro Province Ak2
Henkyou Province Ak3
Shimizu Province Ak4
Renga Province Ak5
Ken-Ryu Province Ak6
Gisei Province Ik1
Eiyu Province Ik2
Shirani Province Ik3
Ikota Province Ik4
Gunsho Province Ik5
Hayai Province Ki1
Rugashi Province Ki2
Dairiki Province Ki3
Foshi Province Ki4
Gakka Province Ma1
Chuugen Province Ma2
Tonfajutsen Province Ma3
Azuma Province Ma4
Heigen Province Ma5
Kaeru Province Ma6
Yojin Province Ma7
Yama Province Ma8

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