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Status of the Mantis Clan:


The last few years have not been kind to the Mantis. It has only been a few years since the last Mantis Champion and his wife were killed in a freak shipwreck, and dividing the position of Mantis Clan Champion and Yoritomo daimyo has not been taken well. Still, the Mantis are a clan of great wealth and power, and their navy has only mildly suffered from the loss of the previous Clan Champion’s ship.

The Mantis’ views on the other clans

  • Crab: Our cousins content themselves to sit on their Wall and wait for destiny to come to them. We respect that duty, but that way is not ours.
  • Crane: Lazy ponces who basically live with their heads in their asses. Still, they have a lot of money, and they like to use it when they want someone to do real work. So we’ll take it.
  • Dragon: If you sit up in your mountains all the time, however are you supposed to matter?
  • Lion: Judgmental pricks who will try to cut you down if you aren’t adhering precisely to their archaic code. Leave ‘em to rot for all we care.
  • Owl: Never trust a group of people founded by a treacherous man. Do the work when they hire you, and get out of the way.
  • Phoenix: So-called masters of magic don’t seem to get it. We’ll show ‘em that it takes more than just a bit of fancy words to be a master of something.
  • Scorpion: They’ve left us alone since they killed Aramasu. Good for them, but just as they can hold a grudge, we aren’t so easy to forgive.
  • Unicorn: We understand ‘em better than most. They don’t judge us, and we will support them if they need to… for the right price, of course.
  • Minor Clans: If we had our way, the Fox would have become one of us. They cannot survive on their own forever, and we should be ready to take them in.
  • Ronin: Good to hire, a lot of ‘em are even trustworthy. Just be careful, cause the ones who will swindle you are sometimes the most persuasive.


Mantis province map.png
Province Location
Hinome Province Mo1
Ashinagabachi Province Ts1
Enzan Province Ts2
Chuuhan Province Ts3
Douro Province Ts4
Shaiga Province Ts5
Gotai Province Yo1
Koutetsukan Province Yo2
Kaze Province Yo3
Inazuma Province Yo4
Irie Province Yo5
Tokigogachu Province Yo6
Maigosera Province Yo7

Mantis Players