Minor Clans

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Badger Clan


The Badger lands are a ruined mountainous wasteland on the northern edge of the Empire, following the rampage of an Oni before the Clan Wars. The Clan has not recovered, and what few members still remain are largely occupied with removing rubble from Shiro Ichiro, the damaged structure that is even now used as a home. Evidence is everywhere in this province that the stubborn and determined Minor Clan will not give in to extinction, so they clear the rubble and prepare for the future they hope will come.

Dragonfly Clan


The Dragonfly clan has joined the Dragon clan as a family within their ranks, under the invitation of Togashi Hoshi.

Fox Clan


The forest of Kitsune Mura covers a great deal of the Fox lands, and as a whole it is a peaceful place. Vegetables are commonly grown in the Fox lands, and nuts of the forest are gathered for food. These are traded with the other clans for rice and other necessities. It is tradition within the province to stay inside or otherwise avoid rain when possible, and exploring the forest during a sun shower is especially unlucky.

Frog Clan


Hare Clan


The fields of the Hare stretch out beneath Shiro Usagi, and grow the rice that feeds the Clan. Unlike many Minor Clans, the Hare have lands that are sufficient to allow them to eat rice, and they are proud of their home. The River of Gold has a few fishing villages alongside it and the merchants that travel to and from the Clan most commonly arrive by boat.

Monkey Clan


The lands are fertile,and produce excess rice. At first unsure what to do with the rice, Toku Yorikane began a tradition of selling it to the other Minor Clans for no profit. Most of the traveling Monkey are working hard to create a strong positive image of their Clan, even sporting back banners when on apparently trivial tasks.

Oriole Clan

Tsi Blade 2.png

Sparrow Clan


The Sparrow lands are known for mountains, poor soil, and a hard life. In this, their reputation is quite accurate. The fields grow millet and barley for food, and there are few material luxuries in view. Still, the samurai are proud of their small land, and homes are kept spotless. While the samurai may have to perform labor in addition to sword practice, the stories at the end of the day keep their spirits high as they share tales of their heroes and Rokugan.

Tiger Clan


Tortoise Clan


The lands of the Tortoise are scattered, but most are found around Otosan Uchi. North Hub Village is their official embassy, and an important center of many operations, located just to the north of the capital. Watching over the waters of the capital, the Tortoise also man Yoake Fushiro, the Dawn Tower, a great lighthouse. Yoake Fushiro, the great port known as Unexpected Journey, and the lands surrounding them form the bulk of the Kasuga holdings. Throughout it all, merchants and peasants bustle about their tasks, with the Kasuga busily in the middle of it all.

Minor Clan Players