Moto Su-Tai

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  • Province: Enkaku Province
  • Skill: Performance: Singing
  • Item: Yurt OR Smoking Pipe

Moto Su-Tai is exactly what many Rokugani imagine when they think of a Moto. He lives in a chomchog, eats red meat with relish, and rarely bathes. He enjoys the reaction that he provokes in many Rokugani, and knows that the Khan trusts him because of his skill as a warrior. Moto Su-Tai is never far from his great scimitar, and he remembers growing up in his homeland with pride. Activities around the campfire or in his chomchog court include more lounging and smoking pipes than debating politics or poetry.

Moto Su-Tai enjoys songs, usually unaccompanied melodies. Often, around the campfires, his vassals are asked to sing, or join the group in a traditional Moto song. Rousing songs of battle, and quiet songs dreaming of windswept grasslands are both popular.

Modules featuring Moto Su-Tai

Player Characters who have sworn fealty to Moto Su-Tai