Phoenix Clan

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Status of the Phoenix Clan:


In the wake of the War of the White Phoenix, the Phoenix have largely turned inward to contemplation. The Elemental Council has been in a state of flux, and due to this hasn’t committed itself to many firm decisions. This has allowed Phoenix Champion Shiba Korishima more freedom than most Phoenix Champions to set policy for the clan as a whole. The clan has shown signs that they could lead to true prosperity, were the right people in place to push it there…

The Phoenix’s views on the other clans

  • Crab: When you know only war, you lose something of your soul. The Taint may not have taken them, but their own need for conflict may have harmed the Crab more than Jigoku ever could.
  • Crane: They have been our allies when we have needed it, but our relationship has not been as clear in the last several years. Clarification would be good.
  • Dragon: This relationship is one that has taken time to repair. Old wounds heal slowly, and our Gennai family has not forgotten their humiliation any more than the Dragon Agasha have. Still, with time, perhaps we might end this bad blood for good.
  • Lion: When your charter is war, the idea of peace is anathema. So too it is with the Lion.
  • Mantis: Money grubbing fools who see the kami as tools. They need to be shown that magic is not just about power.
  • Owl: Our curious newer neighbors speak in the name of peace. But do they do that for the greater good, or for their own preservation?
  • Scorpion: Our Kami’s twin has created a clan of liars and thieves. They created a war on false pretenses, and there is no doubt that they would do it again if offered the opportunity.
  • Unicorn: We are more like them than we like to pretend. The Shinjo family has tried to steer the family in a more traditional direction, but even with the Unicorn, change is hard. We must help guide them.
  • Minor Clans: The Minor Clans are of little interest to us, or so we have traditionally felt. The rise of the Mantis proves that nothing is entirely sacred. Watch them, that another does not try to match Yoritomo’s ambition.
  • Ronin: Wave-men have proven to be worthy in the past, as our current dynasty rose from the ashes of a wave man’s doom. It is a mistake to ignore them, but remember that few had Toturi’s devotion to bushido to guide them.


Phoenix province map.png
Province Location
Anshin Province Ag1
Mihari Province Ag2
Omoidasu Province Ag3
Haimaato Province Ag4
Enju Province As1
Ki-Rin Province As2
Kyuukai Province As3
Yogen Province As4
Yosomono Province Is1
Kougen Province Is2
Kinkaku Province Is3
Garanto Province Is4
Aoijiroi Province Is5
Maryoku Province Is6
Enjaku Province Sh1
Ukabu Province Sh2
Nanimo Province Sh3
Bachiatari Province Sh4
Nejiro Province Sh5

Phoenix Players