Preparation Hare: Ujina Yasu

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A Hare's Music Festival: Preperation

Between Celestial Unrest & A Breed Apart

Ujina Yasu

Doji Rakei had never seen anything like it in his twenty years of organizing events. The sheer number of divinations that had been done to find an opportune date and time for the music festival boggled his mind. The number of supplies gathered and then, lost, stolen or ruined by the wet was enough to give him reason to contemplate retirement. And that was despite the fact that he'd been willing to work with the Yasuki to acquire much of it! An assumed reason that the Yasuki daimyo had agreed to perform at the music festival the nobody Ujina had somehow managed to convince his superiors to help him with.

The few Hare in Balishnimpur had energetically set to helping. Invitations went out and came back with a number of people happy to attend. Some because it would be entertainment, some because they were certain their friends in the Crane would make it a day to remember, and likely many who were intrigued that the Hare knew enough music to want to hold a festival. Still, the letter that had come back from the Empire proper said that this Hare, this uncouth, backwoods Ujina was known to Kakita Yushiiro. And so the Crane's sponsorship of the Hare's music festival which would guest star the Yasuki Daimyo was to go forward.

He'd have to make an agreement with the Yoritomo Shugenja at this rate. Securing good weather for the festival's guests was the last step, and if all of the divinations stated that any of the days that were approvable by the Governor for a music festival were going to rain, then they'd have to work around it. He'd helped a few of the Yoritomo secure a few meeting halls the Crane had secured in the city in the past, surely they'd remember. Plus the Hare wanted a number of sea-worthy musicians to perform during the festival, so that should keep the Yoritomo entertained well enough.

Now if he could only get the troupe of musicians who'd actually trained in the Kakita Academy to not all be sick at the same time, it might actually be a festival to write home about. Heavens knows what would happen if they had to rely upon the local heimin musicians to supply any of the entertainment for the samurai guests. There was already enough of those hired to perform to entertain the city for the festival day. The real guests would want better fare.