Scorpion Clan

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Status of the Scorpion Clan:


The Clan of Bayushi has had a relatively quiet last few years. Though publicly they continue to put pressure on the Owl Clan, there has been very little active conflict involving the Scorpion since the War of the White Phoenix. The Scorpion prefer it this way, as the unnerving silence from them seems to give other clans pause.

The Scorpion’s views on the other clans

  • Crab: We cannot forget their duty to the Empire, but do not let that be an excuse for them to bully us. We have our duties as well, and if they are in our way, that is how it is.
  • Crane: They are us, but they don’t wish to admit it. Be wary of reminding them, as their assassins stand in public.
  • Dragon: They have been friends, and they have been enemies. They are slow to act, and that makes them unreliable. But if they are stirred, they are as dangerous as any.
  • Lion: Their honor blinds them to what duty truly looks like. This makes them easy to manipulate, but be wary. A Matsu charge is in no Scorpion’s best interests.
  • Mantis: They puff out their chests in anger at perceived slights. And yet, we concluded our only business with them 200 years ago. If all they can do is puff their chests, they are no concern of ours.
  • Owl: They pretend to do our duty, and the Phoenix’s duty, and the Lion’s duty. That is all they are. Pretenders.
  • Phoenix: Those of our Kami’s twin fight between their need for peace and their own destructive nature. We have shown them that destructive nature, and perhaps now they can reserve their judgment.
  • Unicorn: They do not belong and have never belonged. The Shinjo regaining control of their clan has changed nothing in this regard.
  • Minor Clans: The Monkey have often been our friends, and we have helped them when we can. Beyond that, they are not worth our attention unless we need to move them somewhere.
  • Ronin: Tools.


Scorpion province map.png
Province Location
Kunizakai Province Ba1
Hizoku Province Ba2
Chuuou Province Ba3
Nezuban Province Ba4
Ryoko Province Sh1
Kakushikoto Province Sh2
Kawa Province Sh3
Kinbou Province So1
An’ei Province So2
Yuma Province So3
Fukitsu Province Yo1
Beiden Province Yo2

Scorpion Players