Shaiga Province

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  • Daimyo: Tsuruchi Meiji (m)
  • Skill: Lore: Bushido
  • Item: Treatise on Bushido OR Personal Chop

The southern Tsuruchi province takes its name from the farming town of Shaiga. This was one of the first holdings established by the Tsuruchi, and it still produces a great deal of the food the family is able to grow for itself. The fertile plain yields well and there is little crime here. Many of the more studious Tsuruchi come here to study Imperial Law and practice the forms of debate that are needed by magistrates. Though the arrangment between the Wasp Clan and Doji Satsume that gave the Minor Clan the authority of Emerald Magistrates is a thing of the past, the hope of the Family is that the next great product of Shaiga Province will be Emerald Magistrates able to increase the reputation of the Family throughout Rokugan.