Shinjo Hazumi

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Hazumi was a woman certain that she would never aspire to the championship of the clan. After all, she was the second born, and her sister was every bit the proud samurai that one would expect from the future leader of a clan. It was unexpected, then, when her sister, Shinjo Ritsuke renounced her claims to the Championship. When their father tried to reason with her, Ritsuke shaved her head and became a nun at the Shrine of the Ki-Rin.

Hazumi is a capable general and leader, but is clearly uncomfortable with the ideas of leading the clan itself. In public, she is quiet and contemplative, rarely speaking out of turn and often deferring to her hatamoto, Ide Kuon. Still, the Shinjo family especially are particularly proud of their champion, and will insist to any who listen that she simply needs to grow better into her role.

Notable Appearances:

  • Festival of Coronation