Tsuriai Province

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  • Daimyo: Utaku Ise (f)
  • Skill: Games: Shogi
  • Item: Sweets OR Shogi Board

The rolling plains of the Utaku lands in Tsuriai province are only occasionally broken by a landmark or village, and travelers from other clans are warned to stay on the roads for their own safety. Yashigi, a small, busy city along the Emperor’s Road, is a popular stop for those traveling through the central Unicorn lands. While Yashigi’s hospitality is justly famous, it is simply an example of the entire province’s attitude toward guests. Things may not always be of high quality, but they are served with enthusiasm and smiles. Even the samurai of these lands are known to smile more often, and especially make a flair of gift giving when dealing with members of other Clans. It is common for them to even carry sweets to offer to others as a casual way of sharing their good cheer.