Tsuruchi Meiji

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  • Province: Shaiga Province
  • Skill: Lore: Bushido
  • Item: Treatise on Bushido OR Personal Chop

Tsuruchi Meiji spent years roaming as a bounty hunter, and his body bears the marks of a hard life. He struggled to survive and was upset at the treatment he received from the Great Clans – the lowly Wasp, who took money for their work, were often a subject of ridicule. Tsuruchi Meiji wants the Tsuruchi and the Mantis to be respected, and to that end he has built a school to train magistrates.

Two years ago, Tsuruchi Meiji took off his black and gold armbands forever. He declared that there was much good in the Wasp Code, and that it had served the Wasp well, but now that they were Mantis they should study bushido and join the rest of the Empire. This has been a controversial move, but also one that was popular with many younger samurai.

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