Tsuruchi Momotaru

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Tsuruchi Momotaru is one of the finest Iaijutsu duelists in Rokugan, descended from the first Tsuruchi Emerald Champion, and a Tsuruchi of an altogether uncommon character. While he does not lack in the traditional bowman skills the Tsuruchi are famed for, he is one of very few in the family to carry his daisho in addition to his yumi. Unlike the more intense natures of the other family daimyo in the clan, Momotaru is known for his calm and easygoing nature; a nature revealed in his frequent travels throughout Rokugan. Momotaru’s likability does not entirely hide some of his more controversial aspects; he is fond of a particular sort of spiced rum from the Ivory Kingdoms, and he has not responded to requests from the Kakita Dueling Academy to display his technique.

Module Appearances

None recorded.