Tsuruchi Munenori

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Tsuruchi Munenori
Tsuruchi Archer
Clan: Mantis Clan
Daimyo: Tsuruchi Meiji
Glory: 10
Honor: 9.1
Status: 4.2
Taint: 1.4
Title: Karo to Yoritomo Aramasu
Rank: 4
Player: Nik Davidson


Tsuruchi Munenori is the only son of Tsuruchi Chosokabe and Tsuruchi Katsumi (born Daidoji). Chosokabe was the son of Tsuruchi (born Matsu) Asora, one of the personal guard of Akodo Tameko, mother of Tsuruchi. Asora was one of the first to break her sword in solidarity with the Young Wasp.

Chosokabe was an Emerald Magistrate, renowned for his relentless pursuit of justice. He died mysteriously in the aftermath of an investigation into a murder in Scorpion lands. Munenori followed closely in his father's footsteps, and was an apprentice Emerald Magistrate in service to Doji Oharu. However, after becoming tainted, his apprenticeship was terminated. He gained the attention of the Mantis Champion, however, who made him an advisor.

Reputation and Known Information

Munenori is unquestionably one of the finest archers of his generation. His name first began circulating among the elite of Rokugan after the Battle of Golden River. Munenori led a small squad of archers who held the river bend against overwhelming odds, sinking a fleet of barges that would have provided a crushing flank attack to the samurai forces.

Munenori also has a reputation as a skilled duelist, unusual for a proud member of the Tsuruchi family. Rumor has it that Munenori's mother arranged for an iaijutsu tutor for her son shortly after her husband's death.

More recently, he has become known for his leadership of the Mantis clan in a variety of court situations, helping to secure the alliance of the Tsi and Kaeru families for the Mantis, and help arrange an alliance between the Yotsu and the Crab Clan. In a subsequent negotiation, Munenori helped bring an end to hostilities between the Tsuruchi family and the Lion Clan, appealing directly to Kitsu Motso. While not all within the Wasp or Lion were in support of this arrangement, the resulting peace between the clans helped Munenori arrange for Tsuruchi tutors to be provided to the Akodo Bushi School to assist with the teaching of the young Empress - an enormous honor for the Tsuruchi family. In recent months, Munenori was named a Mantis Clan Ambassador, to the surprise of many, Munenori included.

When Munenori became tainted due to events at Shiro Chuda, he was forced to lose his ambassadorship as well as his apprenticeship. In addition, he returned the Soul of the Wasp, the first Tsuruchi O'Yumi, to the shrine to Kaze-no-kami in order to avoid tainting it. He has begun intense study of the Taint and the Shadowlands, and is focused on striking back against the forces that are tearing away at his soul. His efforts against the Shadowlands have earned him the nickname "The Jade Wasp".

His personal mon is a jade green Wasp on a field of black.


An Unbroken Sword

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Theme Song

By No Means Impervious - Eppic, feat. Lindsey Stirling[1]