Unicorn Clan

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Status of the Unicorn Clan:


The Unicorn have had, perhaps, the greatest shake ups out of all the great clans. They have lost more daimyo in the past several years than several clans combined, and this lack of continuity has caused them a certain amount of unfortunate suffering because of it. Still, the children of the Four Winds endure with perseverance that credits their founder.

The Unicorn’s views on the other clans

  • Crab: More than anyone else, they have understood us. Outsiders have a certain way of coming together, and more often than not we have counted them friends.
  • Crane: Our most unexpected, but also most traditional, allies. They wrap themselves in that tradition, but hold out a welcoming hand. It is confusing, but it is not something we can afford to complain about.
  • Dragon: They sit on their mountains, and ultimately they do nothing. Even when bandits hide in their lands.
  • Lion: They are worthy of our respect. The Lion have warred with us more than any other clan, but to fight the same enemy is tiring. They may never be friends, but that does not mean they need be enemies.
  • Mantis: Curious men whose ambition makes them dangerous allies… or enemies. They can only affect us indirectly, but they are still worth watching.
  • Owl: If you cannot commit to anyone, who can afford to trust you?
  • Phoenix: Peace is an admirable goal. But forcing oneself into peace at the expense of necessity is not strength.
  • Scorpion: They dare not attack us on the battlefield, but no clan has ever attacked us so much in court. When you speak without acting, what can we see you as but a coward?
  • Minor Clans: The Fox need to be protected. Too recently were they near destruction, and we cannot allow it to happen again.
  • Ronin: Too many bandits have come from their lot for us to easily trust any.


Unicorn province map.png
Province Location
Ujidera Province Hor1
Garanto Province Ide1
Eijitsu Province Ide2
Shinten Province Iu1
Kaihi Province Iu2
Zenzan Province M1
Kawabe Province M2
Ikoku Province M3
Enkaku Province M4
Aishou Province S1
Haisho Province S2
Kouryo Province S3
Bugaisha Province S4
Isei Province Ut1
Manaka Province Ut2
Tsuriai Province Ut3
Koubaku Province Ut4
Senseki Province Ut5

Unicorn Players