Wakiaiai Province

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  • Daimyo: Asahina Waotaka (m)
  • Skill: Perform: Biwa
  • Item: Biwa OR Ornate Saya with Ribbons

This province sees a great deal of travel, especially from ronin, due to Jukani Mura. Here, in the peaceful lands of the Asahina, they gather to sell their swords for war. The Mantis and Crab often trade here, and hire a great number of the ronin (as do the Crane.) During peacetime the ronin instead are mostly forced to accept work from merchants as caravan guards. This activity is quietly encouraged by the Yasuki as well as the Daidoji. All samurai from this province make a practice of wearing a ribbon of blue and white silk on their saya which can be easily tied to their tsuba, preventing the katana or wakazashi from being drawn. It is hard for other samurai to object to the practice of “peace binding” their blades when the local samurai practice it whenever they are not on duty.