Basics of Wiki Editing

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Some basic instructions and tips for editing this wiki. If you have a question or request for a 'how-to', feel free to put it in the talk section of this page.

Creating your own character page

  • Login. This will require registering if you haven't done so already.
  • Navigate to the Player Pages associated with your character's clan. (Main Menu -> Clans & Families -> Clan -> Clan Player Pages)
  • Click edit. (At the top of the page)
  • Under the correct family heading, add the line
    *[[Character's Name]]
    Make sure it's spelled and capitalized correctly, and be sure to include the square brackets and the asterisk.
  • Click 'Show preview' to check your work. You should see a link to your character's page in red. If you do, click 'Save page'. If not, you may continue to edit the page until you're satisfied.
  • Click the link to your character page.
  • Add whatever content you like to the empty page, as well as appropriate categories. (Please keep it clean and spoiler-free)
  • Click 'Show preview' to check your work, and once you're satisfied, click 'Save page'.
  • Navigate to your Daimyo's page and add your character to the appropriate section.
  • You're done! Of course, feel free to update/improve/change your character page however you like. Just use the edit button at the top, and be sure to save your changes when you're done.

Basic Editing Tips

  • To add text, just start typing. Use an extra blank line to start a new paragraph.
  • Do not use tabs or extra spaces for a new paragraph. Use an extra blank line.
  • To link to another page in the wiki, put the exact name of the page in a pair of square brackets. Example: [[Main page]]
  • For bold text, put the text inside three single quotes. Example: '''Bold text'''
  • To start a new section, put the section title inside of equal signs. Use 2 for a new section, 3 for a subsection, or 4 for a sub-subsection. Example: ==Section==, ===Subsection===, ====Sub-Subsection====
  • Bullets can be added by using an asterisk at the begining of the line.
  • Ending a line with <br> will force a new line.
  • When in doubt, try looking elsewhere on the wiki. If another page is doing what you want to do, take a look at what the author did. Their code might have the answer you're looking for, so feel free to borrow it and change the necessary parts.
  • Always save your work. The oddest things can destory it if you don't, like navigating away from the page because of a mistaken mouse click.
  • Standard mons are .png files while inkbrush mons are .gif files.
  • Add categories to your pages! For example [[Category: Crab]], [[Category: PC]], [[Category: Player Fictions]]. This way it's easy to group similar pages together.